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1. Establish your Salestomer account by allowing it to access your PayPal account. If you are a first-time PayPal user, see instructions here to set up your account. You will be paid out your commissions monthly through PayPal.


Published:Aug 31, 2011


What is is an online referral management system. It is built to promote products and services through the social networks of your existing customers -- loyal brand ambassadors.

The name of the company, Salestomer, is created by combining two words - Salesperson and Customer.

Salestomer’s are your best customers, opinion leaders, who h

Published:Aug 29, 2011

Comment:0 offers an innovative commission system which not only pays Salestomers a cash commission on a sale, but also allows them to earn commission by simply sharing and communicating the various offers to their own network of contacts. That’s right - Make money by simply telling people that you found a deal.


How does this work?


Published:Aug 31, 2011


The advantage of being a salestomer is obvious:

1. You are guaranteed a commission whenever there is a referral sale. As a salestomer, you not only receive sales commission for any referral sales brought in by you. You also get paid for any sales of the product that you ever share with your friends through Click

Published:Aug 11, 2013


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