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How to Use to Boost In-Store Sales

What is is an online referral management system. It is built to promote products and services through the social networks of your existing customers -- loyal brand ambassadors.

The name of the company, Salestomer, is created by combining two words - Salesperson and Customer.

Salestomer’s are your best customers, opinion leaders, who have the ability to influence others’ buying decisions with their personal recommendations.


A well-known rule in marketing is that customers are more likely to purchase a product/service that has been endorsed by someone they know. Salestomer’s act as a social marketer for your company's products and will present a credible referral having purchased the service themselves.


The credibility that consumers attribute to these sources influence buying behaviour and bring in new sales for your business. To encourage these opinion leaders to endorse your favourite products, offers cash compensation to customers who share, recommend and actually convert sales through their social networks.



How Business Benefits from Participating with


By listing your exclusive deal on you will tap into your best customers’ personal networks by providing them the opportunity to recommend and endorse your products. This new group of customers (resulting from your current customer’s network of friends and family) will then influence their network of contacts, who in turn will influence another new group of contacts...and you get the idea. You have now opened yourself up to an entire network of new customers and salespeople, Salestomers, who are purchasing your product and act as ambassadors though offers the additional unique features:


Promotional Tools

Salestomers are given the social media tools to use to promote the products they choose in the formats they want. With a click of a button Salestomer’s can easily promote the product through their various social networks as well as the use of emails.


Tracking Tools

Salestomer offers an extensive dashboard where business can learn from the tracking data which products are the hottest sellers, who's buying what and who are the most influential opinion leaders whose social network brings in the majority of sales. 



Flexibility makes it easy for your business to set up a promotional plan. gives you the freedom to alter your promotional offer month-to-month, so you can keep up with the buying trends and quickly tailor successful promotions.


Long-term Promotional Opportunities

Traditional couponing websites allow short-term promotional opportunities for vendors. Reach is gained through the offer but it is limited to a restrictive time frame. is built for long-term promotional opportunities, which in turn increases your reach with customers who will regularly refer your deals to their networks.


Further, traditional couponing websites only give their customers “credits” when they have referred a deal to a friend. will give their customers cash. A set percentage is set aside, per sale, for the customer to make money when they have successfully persuaded a friend to purchase your offer.


Unique Fee System

Salestomer does not charge any fees to join the program. You pay only when sales are made through the website. will only charge the business for a service fees and pay commissions to Salestomers when the products/services are sold. Instead, the innovative commission system in gives customers a chance to benefit from the their knowledge of their friends' shopping preference. So the business only pays for the results.


Commission Structure offers an innovative commission system which not only allows Salestomers to receive a cash commission on a sale, but also a participation commission plan, where Salestomer’s are incenvitized to promote your product/service offerings via their social networks - thereby increasing the visibility of your business across a wide range of media to attract new audiences. gives your promotional strategies the flexibility and longevity required to succeed in today’s virtual marketplace.


Please contact us for more information and take the next step towards building a profitable relationship with your customers!



Published:Aug 29, 2011


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