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Become a Salestomer and Start Earning Extra Income Now!

Here is how you can make some extra cash through


1. Establish your Salestomer account by allowing it to access your PayPal account. If you are a first-time PayPal user, see instructions here to set up your account. You will be paid out your commissions monthly through PayPal.


 2. Begin using the service!  Purchase exclusive product/service offerings from your favourite vendors and tell your friends about it using your favorite social media outlets or through email.


3. Also, browse through’s wide range of new products daily. Find a product that you know your friends, family and colleagues will love  and share it through your social networks or through email.


4. Continue to share the products you like on a regular basis. Remember the more regularly you share, the higher your share of the Participation Commission will be!


5. Check in regularly for new product releases and become a part of the first group of Salestomers to share the product. New products has a smaller number of Salestomers to divide the total Participation Commission, so you will received a greater amount of Participation Commission if you share earlier.


6. Encourage your friends to become a Salestomer and you will receive a $10 credit. The more people who share the products, the more potential customers will be reached.


7. Watch your commission grow on your dashboard! Receive commission payments monthly.


8. Have fun accessing the hottest deals in town and receiving cash for sharing them!



Published:Aug 31, 2011


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