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The advantages of Salestomer versus other affiliate programs.

The advantage of being a salestomer is obvious:

1. You are guaranteed a commission whenever there is a referral sale. As a salestomer, you not only receive sales commission for any referral sales brought in by you. You also get paid for any sales of the product that you ever share with your friends through Click here to learn more about our innovative Participation Commission.

2. You will never miss any referral sales commission. Salestomer has its own reliable tracking system. We don't use third party tracking service, so you won't have to struggle with two or three companies to claim your credit. Click here to learn more about our tracking system.

3. It is FREE to become a salestomer. No hidden fees and we don't deduct any management fees from you commission because the businesses pay us aleady.

4. No purchase required. You don't need to purchase any of the products you share with your friends.

5. It is easy to signup. You just need to provide your email address to us. We use your email address to collect your commissions paid by different businesses. As a regisgtered salestomer, you can use features to share more effectively, such as One-Click-Sharing, web to phone call and web to phone messaging. If businesses invite you to be their salestomers, you can even start earning commissions without registration. Click here to learn more about claiming commissions earned before registration.


Simply put, becoming a salestomer has no cost to you and your commission is guaranteed whenever there is a sale. So what are you waiting for?

Published:Aug 11, 2013


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