About Us

Salestomer.com is an easy-to-use social referral management system for businesses and an easy-to-participate referral reward program for a consumer. Salestomer.com creates a win-win situation for both businesses and their customers. 

Why is it possible to make both the business and its customers happy at the same time?
Because through Salestomer.com, a business can cut costs and increase sales in the following three ways: 
1. A business can turn their royal customers into sale people, and spread the positive message about the business' product through their social network. The business save money on advertisement on social media. 
2. Marketing research found that people are more likely to purchase a product recommended by their friends. The viral spread of positive word-of-mouth by existing customers will increase the sales. 
3. The referral rewards paid to the customers are based on actual sales. The business only incur expenses after there is a sale. It helps the business cut advance payment to advertisement agency and maintain a positive cash flow. 
At the same time, consumers will be happy because they can earn extra income by sharing great products / services with their friends. On internet and social media websites, a customers' feedback can have significant impacts on other consumers. So the customers' review and recommendations do have value. In fact, many consumer review websites, such as Yelp.com, is cashing in on voluntary consumer reviews. But why it is only the website that hosts the reviews gets paid? Shouldn't the customers get paid too because they spend time writing something great about a product that helps to generate more sales? Salestomer.com make it straight by letting the business pay their brand advocates directly for the referral sales.