How It Works
 For a business: helps you turn your existing customers into a virtual sales force. What you need to do is to send a email to your customers, telling them you have a cool product or service that you would like them to share to their friends. 
Once your customers start sharing the message with their friends. Our system will track the sharing and reward the customers who bring in new sales. 
The reward to your customer will be a cash commission as a percentage of the referral sale revenue. You can determine the percentage in our management panel. 
What you can get from is new customers, more sales, and knowledge about how your product is shared through social networks. Most importantly, you only pay for results. You no longer need to spend hard-eraned money on advertisements that might not bring in any actual sales. 
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For a customer / salestomer: pays you cash for sharing good products and services with your friends. You will get cash commission on referral saels generated by your sharing in your social networks. That is why we call our website Salestomer, you are a customer and a saelsperson at the same time. 
We make it very simple for you to share. You just need to click on the "share" button on a product page and fill in your email and your friends' email, and click on "send". You don't even need to register before you start making money. We remember your email address and automatically create an account for you to deposit your commission. Of course, you can always share by Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and any other social media. We'll never miss any of your referrral sales. 
On top of the sales commission, you will also get participation commission. The participation commission recognize your efforts for spreading the words for the product. Everyone who make a sharing of a product will received a portion of the participation commission offered by the business. The sooner and more frequently you share a product to your social networks, the more participation commission you will get.  
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