A salesperson's number one job is to win the trust from the customers. Once the trust is built, sales just come naturally. You can be a good salesperson when you recommend a product you love to your friend. You might not even realize that you are doing the business a big favor, and the business has no way to thank you for the help. In, we connect you to businesses that will benefit from your product recommendation, and let them pay you as if you were their salesperson. Simply put, you become a Salestomer, a customer and a salesperson at the same time. 


The advantage of a salestomer is that you can choose to sell what you like, not what you boss ask you to sell. It is very simple to get started: 


1. Pick one product that you would like to share. 

2. Click on the "share" button, type in your email and your friends' emails.

3. Click on "send". 

4. Your friend like what you share and make a purchase.

5. A referral commission is deposit to your salestomer account (the minimum commission is 5% of the sales price of the product).



After you register as a salestomer, you can also share to your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and other social media. The best part of it is that if your friends like or re-tweet the message and your friends' friends click on the link on the like or the re-tweet, you will still get the commission. It is like all of your social network is working with you to earn the commission.


So what are you waiting for? Pick a product you like and start sharing!