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Lytro 8GB Light Field Camera - Graphite

The Lytro 8GB Graphite light field camera doesn't just shoot photos, it captures living images - photos that you can refocus even after you've captured them. Instead of a flat 2D image, the Lytro records the entire light field - all the light rays that travel in all directions through the scene. The result is photos where you can focus on different areas, just by clicking or tapping on them.

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The Lytro uses a revolutionary technology that makes photos interactive and multi-dimensional in a way you've never seen before. When your eyes look at a scene you're seeing a 4D light field, which is made up of light rays travelling in all directions at every point in space of that scene. Shooting this scene with a traditional camera means the camera throws away most of the light information - when a bunch of light rays hit one point on the camera sensor it averages them all out into a colour.

The Lytro takes a different approach, capturing the scene as a 4D light field, not a flat, two-dimensional image. It can capture up to 11 million rays of the light that permeate the scene you're shooting, which is why you're able to do amazing things like refocus the photo after it's been shot. Since the Lytro works with light rays, the camera's sensor is described as a "megaray light sensor," rather than in terms of megapixels.

One of the benefits of the amazing light field technology is that no autofocus is required, and that means no shutter delay. The Lytro can shoot pictures instantly, so just press the shutter button on the top and you'll be able to capture the moment before it's gone.

The Lytro's built-in Light Field Engine processes the captured light rays, so you can view the image on the built-in 1.52" touchscreen display and refocus on different areas by touching the screen. You can tell a different visual story with each tap.

The touchscreen lets you control most of the camera's functions with taps and swipes, and the backlit display makes it simple to compose and review your photos.


  • 8GB model can store up to 350 living pictures
  • Designed with easy-to-hold, precision-tooled silicone so you can easily shoot with one hand or two
  • 8x optical zoom lens with constant f/2 aperture gives you a wide range of creative options
  • The slider controls the optical zoom - just run your finger over it to increase or decrease the optical zoom
  • Rechargeable, long-life lithium-ion internal battery
  • Includes free desktop application that lets you import, process, and interact with living photos from the Lytro, as well as easily share them online (Windows and Mac only)
  • Lytro's living pictures can be enjoyed on computers, tablets, or smartphones - no special software required


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